We are going mobile! There has been such a demand for Little Fete to do mobile parties so we are expanding all over Melbourne. If you would like us to to come to your home or venue we can take care of all your party needs. We supply:

  • Invitations & All Art & Craft Materials
  • Aprons
  • Tables for craft/art activity
  • Party Plates/Cups in your choice of colours
  • $25 per head and 10 children minimum
  • Contact us for more information 0409 971 419

LITTLE FETE IN A BOX - Little Fete is now catering to parents who want to run their own parties at home but cant source the materials. We put everyting in a box so you can simply open up and run a fabulous party at home. We have a few of our most popular "Little Fete in a Box" parties listed below for you to see what fun craft you can make at home. Speak to us about other themes or activities you may want to run and we can help facilitate this.  

* Sleepover Parties - We have you covered, our Little Fete boxes include pillow-cases and fabric markers so kids can design and decorate their own sleep-over pillow-cases. This is such a fun activity for the kids to do for sleep-over parties.

* Jewellery - Our Little Fete boxes contain all the craft materials you will need to run your own jewellery party from home, kit contains wooden tree jewellery stands, paint (or we can pre-spray) pva glue, glitter, embelishments, butchers paper, beads and a mixture of charms for the kids to pick from. 


* Mermaid/Pirate - We supply papier mache treasure chests for the kids to decorate as well as beads to make pirate or mermaid bracelets which includes charms. We will also include all the paint (or we can pre-spray) pva glue, glitter,embelishments & butchers paper

* Superhero/Princess  - Our Superhero/Princess wooden doll craft is such a fun activity for the kids to do, they choose their own mask and decorate with google eyes, paint, felt and decorations.


* Fairy/Shopkins/Haunted House  - We supply these gorgeous papier mache houses for the kids to decorate into any theme (Fairy, Haunted or Shopkins) we include all the paint and decorations you would need to run this fantastic craft activity from home.


*Canvas Art - Pick a theme and we will provide the picture for the kids to glue and decorate onto a canvas as well as all the piant, glitter and embelishments